Joyce visits Rundu

The Face of FlyNamibia, Joyce Nghiishililwa recently visited the Kavango Region in Namibia’s far north. Here is her take on two splendid days on the banks of the Kavango River and discovering all there is to enjoy in and around Rundu.


What did you do, see and experience in and around Rundu?

Rundu is bliss! Travelling to the north, for me, is like taking a deep relaxing breath and decompressing. The continuously flowing river and vibrant culture and people always leave me feeling content and tranquil.

After landing in Rundu I was warmly welcomed at Taranga Safari Lodge where I settled into my tented chalet. The rooms tower above the ground below, making you feel as if you were in a tree-house, not to mention the insane view of the Kavango River. 

It was an exceptionally windy day when we set out to explore the town of Rundu but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. The first stop was a small market by the roadside on the way into town. It takes place once a month and many people come to stock up on dry and fresh food items as well as clothes and household goods. I enjoyed chatting to some of the locals.

In the centre of Rundu we visited a local wood carving shop. The shopkeeper was so attentive and eager to tell me about the techniques used in wood carving.  

Then, through the dust and wind of that day, we headed to the famous Rundu beach. I couldn’t believe how clear the water is. If it weren’t for the crocodiles, I definitely would have gone for a swim.

We had lunch at the Culture Café, the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant you could imagine. . The food was deliciously prepared and the atmosphere was tranquil and bohemian. It felt like a totally different side of Rundu that I didn’t know existed. After lunch we visited a shebeen, called Hubbly Lounge, for the full experience. Luckily the wind settled a little so we could sit outside, enjoy drinks with locals and listen to vibey music, complete with the smell of roasted meat in the air.


Which part of the trip did you enjoy most?

We flew from Eros in a twin-prop aircraft that looked like a private jet, fitted with beige leather seats that face each other. It was such a comfortable flight. Other than the flight itself, my forever favourite moments in the north of Namibia will always be the slow, relaxing boat cruises, sundowners and just the overall river experience. It’s like a dream I never want to wake up from, always the perfect escape from the city. The Kavango is a must-do experience.


Tell us about the lodge where you stayed on this trip

Taranga Safari Lodge was our base for the Rundu experience. Situated on the Kavango River, it has a gorgeous wooden deck where we had all the delicious meals, and a pool area overlooking the floating bar down by the river. They call it the Kingfisher Bar, named after the beautiful bird found in the area. It was the perfect place to watch the sunset and a photographers’ dream.

The lodge offers a wide range of exciting activities. One of my favourites was the sundowner cruise we went on with nice ice-cold beverages and, of course, the beautiful Kavango sunset – always so awe-inspiring. 

We were also taken on a drive to the nearby village to get acquainted with the lifestyle of ruralKavango people. We ended the tour with a ‘wine downer’, as the sun disappeared into the river. 

Accommodation is in tented chalets on wooden decks, comfortably and tastefully furnished with a rustic vibe, with a cosy main sitting room and a beautiful spacious balcony looking out over the Kavango River. The breeze through the room made it lovely and cool. But when night fell, scaredy-cat me closed all the window flaps so nothing would scare me in the dark. Classic Joyce. 

Why should Namibians visit the Kavango Region, with a quick flight to Rundu?

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: the northern side of the country is very beautiful, but it is quite a journey to get there. Save yourself some time, opt for convenience and take that flight with FlyNamibia. It is safer and faster, and I promise you, you won’t be needing that body massage.



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