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Madisa! Wa lelepo nawa? Morgen! Perivi? Goeiemôre! Morokeni! Hello:) Madisa! Wa lelepo nawa? Morgen! Perivi? Goeiemôre! Morokeni! Hello:)



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Our inflight magazine is dedicated to showing that Namibia is not rising… it has risen! Articles focused on business, industry, economics, arts, culture, sports, news, music, travel and so much more. Our stories are dedicated to celebrating Namibia and her people.

We rise by lifting others.

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FlyNamibia Joins the Ranks of IATA Members

we announce FlyNamibia’s recent accession to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a new member. This significant milestone not only marks an extraordinary achievement for FlyNamibia but also signifies a promising future for the airline industry in Namibia and beyond.

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Flying with Dignity: Namibia Symposium on Air Travel and Disability Inclusion

Fly with Dignity: Pioneering Disability Inclusion in Air Travel. Join the movement sparked by FlyNamibia’s groundbreaking symposium, uniting industry leaders, advocates, and policymakers. Together, we address challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, fostering a more accessible and empathetic travel experience. Let’s soar above barriers, embrace empathy, and unlock a world of inclusive flying.

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