Hello World, I'm Taimi!

Introducing the new face of FlyNamibia

From the onset, FlyNamibia has endeavoured to showcase the very best of Namibia. We tell stories of our beautiful homeland, its people, cultures and potential, in the hopes of inspiring the nation and those beyond our borders. And while there are endless stories to tell of this awesome country, sometimes we need a fresh perspective.

That is where the Face of FlyNamibia comes in. This brand ambassador helps tell Namibian stories by travelling to our many destinations, mingling with locals and uncovering the hidden gems scattered across Namibia 

Last year we found our very first Face of FlyNamibia through a country-wide search, followed by public votes. This year we upped the ante instead of telling us why they should be the airline’s ambassador, applicants were required to convince us why they represent the next generation of Namibians. Because FlyNamibia strives to do just that: represent!

That said, we are proud to introduce you to the Face of FlyNamibia 2023: Taimi Nuunyango.


Tell us a bit about your background

I am 23 years old, born in a village outside Okahao in the Omusati Region. I grew up in Windhoek, where I am currently located as a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work.

I am the last born of eight siblings. 

What is your favourite destination in Namibia

That has to be the Kunene Region, specifically Epupa Falls. The trip there changed my perception of travel. I got to see how beautifully the Ovahimba people live and preserve their culture and I learned interesting facts about their tribe.

I also had the privilege of being dressed in traditional Himba attire. Although I am Oshiwambo-speaking, this experience filled me with so much pride just knowing that we have such a rich culture in our midst. 

Why do you think travelling is good for you

Travelling for me is so important because it has helped broaden my horizon and at the same time sparks my creativity. I love adventure and how it takes you out of your comfort zone. I love discovering new places, new cuisines and meeting new people. 

I also think that travel memories are something to treasure, something that I can share with my friends and family. 

What are you most looking forward to on your journey as the Face of FlyNamibia

I am genuinely looking forward to flying for the first time ever!

Making awesome memories with the FlyNamibia team, informing and engaging with my audience about travel and tourism within our country and beyond our borders.


Follow Taimi on her adventures as our beautiful, bold and dynamic brand ambassador on our social media platforms:


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